February 20, 2018

A common Exchange administrative task is to search for and remove emails from mailboxes. This is often due to a malicious email that may have made its way past the email filter. Or in a real-world scenario for myself, someone has sent sensitive information out to recipients inside the company and it requires removal. This post will review the options available to search for and remove these emails.

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February 13, 2018

RBAC allows applying granular permissions based on someone's job role, such as user management, e-discovery, or read-only access. You can customize RBAC with the PowerShell commands explained in this article.

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February 7, 2018

One common Exchange administrative task is to find the total size of mailboxes in the environment. This can be useful to find the biggest mailboxes or ones that are (nearly) empty as targets for removal due to inactivity. However, mailbox sizes are only available via PowerShell, and depending on where you run the Get-MailboxStatistics command, the options for sorting the output may require additional work.

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August 9, 2017

Recently I had to perform a familiar function: integrating Skype for Business with Exchange in order to allow IM and presence functionality inside of OWA (or “Outlook on the Web” as it is now known). While the process on the Skype for Business side has stayed the same, Microsoft has introduced a new way to configure the IM server and certificate on the Exchange side that is simpler and easier to manage. Gone are the days of modifying web.config f...

October 16, 2016

The dreaded ticket: a user's photo had been updated in Active Directory, but the photo in Exchange has not updated. Interestingly enough, this was in a hybrid Exchange 2013 environment. Users located in Exchange Online could see the new photo, but users still located in Exchange on-premises could not (so it would seem the new picture "synced" out to Exchange Online just fine with the user directory synchronization to Office 365).

If you didn't kno...

August 23, 2015

The Exchange Server 2016 Preview has been out for almost a month and I'm just now getting around to taking a look at it. I attended Ignite back in May 2015 when they announced Exchange Server 2016, and I have to say it has some pretty neat features coming with it. The main points I remember are being able to mix Exchange 2013 & 2016 servers into the same pool behind your load balancer as they will be able to up and down proxy to the appropriate v...

August 7, 2015

I recently got to dive into an issue that I found pretty interesting. It involved a user going over the database quotas for Issue Warning and Prohibit Send but never receiving a notification about it. First, I searched their mailbox to see if they did receive the messages but maybe they were redirected to a subfolder or deleted (this was not the case). Next, I searched the message tracking logs to see if any messages were generated for them over...

October 5, 2014

While researching a different issue, I came across the topic of assigning mailboxes a Secondary Dial Plan in Exchange Unified Messaging. While I had been studying and researching quite a bit on UM, I had never come across this topic. According to TechNet, assigning a user to a secondary dial plan is useful when using an integrated Lync/Exchange UM dial plan. In this type of plan, the user's extension is the Lync endpoint or SIP address and not a...

May 18, 2014

Recently I ran into a situation where I had disconnected several users primary and archive mailboxes and had to reconnect them. Initially I only reconnected the primary mailboxes, and later I decided to reconnect the archives. For all my 2010 mailboxes, the following command worked perfectly:

Note: I did not specify the user to connect to as it uses the LegacyExchangeDN and DisplayName attributes of the mailbox to match to an existing user account


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